Australian Air Cadets Moon Landing Commemoration Event
Troop Report 
Date: Saturday 20th July, 2019

Venue: Archerfield Airport, Qld

Time: pm-7pm

Mission: We were invited to attend the Australian Air League’s 50th Anniversary of the Mon Landing event at their Archerfield Airport base and provide some Star Wars characters for the event.

Trooper Attendance:

Redback Garrison:
Jonah – Vader
Blue – GI
Raptor – TS
Rebelrach – TS
Rebel Legion:
Robotom – wrangle display table


The plan was to surprise the cadets at their event night, after they returned from firing rockets out at Jimboomba. Blizzard Force were on hand to provide a double security detail for Lord Vader and Blue provided some accurate gunner detail. Robotom/Rebel Tom manned the display table and fielded all the questions from cadets. 
Charity Funds Raised: NIL.

Injuries / Malfunctions: NIL

Public Incidents: NIL.

Mission Status: Great success, the cadets got a huge surprise when they arrived to enter the hangar.  They were advised that they needed to show their identification to proceed inside. The kids complied, even the Squadron Commander had to toe the line.  The troopers posed for photos with the cadets and the display table of helmets and props was of great interest to the kids, Tom did a great job fielding the flood of questions. Perfect trooping weather nice and mild and great views at sunset across the airport. As the cadets sat down to their BBQ we dekitted and packed up.  The organisers and parents were very grateful we came along and hope we’ll attend more events in the future with them.  For us it was a genuinely great little troop and we really enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm of the cadets, we definitely made a difference being there, it was well worth it, thanks troopers who came along!

[Image: J7Y22fA.jpg]
[Image: 7Kjm2Wu.jpg]

[Image: aZV9Ja7.jpg]

[Image: 8LSRPTk.jpg]

[Image: op78h1V.jpg]

BN13  BN14 OCC2014

[Image: XFqh6O5.jpg]
This was a great troop!! The cadets really enjoyed seeing us.
Great work Rach as poc.
Well done to those that attended.
[Image: UbITLYb.png]

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