Greetings all, my name is Ally and I've applied to be a ANH Jawa. My fiance is already part of the 501st and is part of the reason I'm applying. I just need to fix a few things before being approved. I need to add clay marks on my gown and was just seeking some recommendations of what the best way to achieve this is?  Smile
Hi Ally,

One of many many jawas in  the garision , what i did with mine was  i went to local dollar shop like king kong , sullys or such and bought a few tubes of cheap acrylic  paints , Brown's , yellows,  mustard , burnt sienna and such then got my kids to go nuts with paint on those cheap foam brushes and used their  hands also remember to grab handfuls of robe crunch it up and rub it together to add gentle piling and scuff marks, then  let that sit for few  day on clothes line to get sun baked and faded/weathered, hosed it down to remove any excess paint and let it sun bake a bit longer. Everyone has their own method for weathering, some are dirtier than others.


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