Tie pilot uniform
Merry Christmas to all, my name is Paul and I have a partially completed tie pilots uniform, just waiting for boots and armour  to complete it. Anybody have any suggestio  I can purchase them from?
Try imperial boots for the boots
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Merry Christmas and welcome to the forums Paul. I would recommend Imperial boots as Hendo suggested, looking on ebay for cheaper options, or messaging Satel here on the forums as he might be able to get you in touch with someone who custom makes jackboots
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Satel has a contact overseas that makes the best Tie Jack boots I've ever seen. I would highly recommend contacting him. They are build very tough and are very comfy
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Also take a look at Soviet Boots...Google them.

They are a cost effective boot however take a while to arrive.
Some Soviet Boots need to be trimmed down but Mr Minit does it for about 10 bucks a boot.

Please feel free to reach out to myself (Adam Cutting) or Wendell here or on Facebook and we will add you to the Oceania Flight School where all of the Aus/NZ cadet pilots gather and share ideas and resources.

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