New recruit- Cairns
Hey guys, Iooking to join the 501st legion Red back Garrison. I'm living in Cairns and looking to find people that are in the city or near it. Any advice on how to get or make Mandalorian armor and/or Sith armor?

Thanks! Peace Peace
Hi mate, welcome to the Redbacks, in particular the Venom Squad! There is a trooper in Cairns, and there are a few of us in Townsville too (and Mackay). Ive sent our Squadron Leader, NQGuy a message and he should get in contact soon.

As for the outfits, Ill let someone a little more clued up on those outfits get in contact. Mtfbwu
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Hi there welcome to the Redback garrison and more importantly Venom Sqd territory’

We have a member in cairns now he might be able to assist with making ur costume as he made his stormtrooper

Never be affraid to ask any questions only silky one is the one u don’t ask

Pm me if I can be of any help

Aka NQDude
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