Griffith Film School - SciFi Episode
Date: Feb 14th, 2020

Venue: Griffith Film School, South Brisbane

Time: 12pm - 6:30pm

Mission: Griffith Film School were filming a proof of concept episode of a new television show called 'Film School: The Musical' and they required some Star Wars characters as background extras for one sequence.

Trooper Attendance:
Donut - TK - 50180
Mykill - ANH TI - 20552
Blue - IG - 11005


Buzzard - Hoth Trooper
Ashlyn_Dubreas - Jedi Master Ashlyn Dubreas


Mykill, Blue, Ashlyn_Dubreas and myself arrived to the Film School around midday. Our call time was 2pm, but it was decided to arrive earlier just incase there were any unexpected delays.
Lead by myself, we all walked around to the other side of the building, completely passing the front entrance and arriving at the rear door which required swipe card access, because my sense of direction is top class! 

We were soon met by Alex, the First AD, who lead us inside and eventually took us to our green room, which was a computer lab which was closed due to maintenance.

We were informed that they were running about an hour behind, so our call time would be closer to 3pm. We decided to all go up to the local Woolworths to grab some lunch.

Once again lead by me and my astute sense of direction, we took a merry path up hills and lots of stairs to finally arrive at our destination.

We grabbed the essentials such as chocolate and Coke, and real food too, before returning to the film school (lead by Mykill, and a much easier route).

As we waited in the green room, we were soon joined by Buzzard, and the waiting game began.

Even though we knew there was at least an hour delay, we still endeavoured to be somewhat in costume and ready to go by 2pm.

Not long before 2pm, we were invited to go down and join the cast and crew for lunch. Second lunch! Like Hobbits!

Half in costume, we went down and grabbed some amazing food.

After second lunch, we returned to the green room and returned to the waiting game.

Most of the rest of the day played out like that - lots of waiting, with periodic interruptions to fill in paperwork.

We were invited to go down to set for a little while to watch filming, which we did. It was at this point that I started to get excited, because it's the first time I realised it was an actual musical being filmed. With song and dance!

On our return to the change room, I asked Blue if he had learnt the choreography that I'd sent through earlier in the week. (There was none). His panicked face help break up the monontony of waiting.
While waiting we got to meet the two actors in our scene and shared stories.

We finally made it down to set at around 5:45pm, and were invited to take photos if we wanted.

They got all the lighting and camera positions set, and then did the breaks, and worked out the timing and placement.
We did a couple of walkthroughs of what we were required to do.

Essentially, hide behind a window set, and on the call of 'Second Action', file out behind the lead actor, surrounding him on a green screen.
Lead actor delivers his lines, second actor walks on, and then in the finished cut, some cool special effects will be added to the green screen backdrop.

After several walkthroughs, we were good to go and the cameras were rolling.

We did several takes, and for the most part there were no problems.

Ashlyn got the giggles during one take, but it was only once and the subsequent takes were apparently exactly what they wanted.

We all left the set, returned to our green room, and all exhausted, flung off the costumes, packed up and called it a day.

Charity Funds Raised: 

TBC - Awaiting confirmation from the Film School

Injuries / Malfunctions: 

Whilst waiting in the green room, Ashlyn was showing off her leet lightsaber handling skills to the actors. At one point, Mykill asked why her blade was red.... and quickly realised that it was blood.
Ashlyn had managed to cut her hand on the hilt.
She's very lucky to have not lost a limb in traditional Star Wars style.

Public Incidents:


Mission Status:

Total success

Please form an orderly line if you'd like our autographs, as we're all tv stars now.



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