Looking where to start?
Hey fellas, I'll be in Brisbane very soon but im at least 4 days a week in Brisbane since university and am now currently looking to figure out how to go about with creating clone trooper Armour preferably arc trooper fives, echo or Wolfe as i suspect there are already a few rexes haha Hehehe  So any assistance would be great as id like to know where to start or who i can go to, to give me a hand with all this would be a fun project! 

Thanks everyone!
Hi Universal,

Welcome to the Redback Forums!!
I'm sure one of our awesome clones will be along soon in order to say hello and help you out but in the short term you can take a look over at the Clone Trooper Detachment


They take care of all things clone!!!

Welcome Aboard,


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Welcome to the Redbacks.
The only drawback with being a clone is you have to start talking like a kiwi :D
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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