Another Joining the Legion
Hello, my name's Michael. I live in Toowoomba.
I've been a cosplayer for a few years now; attending promotional events and fund-raisers as Spider-man or the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Also attended maid/butler cafes at anime conventions as the demon butler Sebastian Michaelis (blue card certified). I've seen the garrison numerous times at events and have been wanting to join the 501st for a while now. So I am now doing so as Kylo Ren (TLJ).
I've been reading the boards in the Sith Lord Detachment to build my costume and I'm now just waiting for the various pieces to arrive (why isn't there anything in Australia? why are all the costume makers overseas?). Just recently did a costume debut in a Bin Isolation segment. (Will be getting a better belt and boots as well as a tighter neck seal so that I can turn my head without the helmet catching on it. Need to run some thin string or wire through the cape so that I can tie it around my shoulders and behind my back to keep it on and then I need to work out how to don the voice speakers). Shouldn't be long now and as soon as I get this suit done I will present myself to the judgement of the 501st and hopefully become a part of this legendary cosplay group.
Welcome to the forums, good to see you’ve found the Detachments and following the correct path , it is advised to start a build thread on the forums and we can offer constructive input as you proceed , we are fortunate to have both soft and hard costume manufacturers in Australia and a recently established alliance of those producers , feel free to ask questions on here and we will help where we can .
Great to see another Toowoomba trooper! Hopefully we can get back to normal soon and start trooping. Good luck with your costume!

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