Like to get started on a First Order Stormtrooper
Hi , am new , have loved Star Wars since I was 7 years old , am now 50 , now finally have the time where I want to build my own stormtrooper uniform , I liked to do a first order stormtrooper, I really need some help to get started , where do I go to get the materials, is there someone who makes it , I live I. The Logan Area , QLD , I hope I get to hear from someone 

Thanks Jason
Hi Wes, welcome to the redback garrison forums.
The best resource in the galaxy for anything Stormtrooper related is FISD (First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment)
We have a section dedicated to First Order Stormtroopers with some magnificent build threads, Images and lists that cover materials and accessories, Approved vendors of the armour and tools needed for the job.
Please head on over and sign up and make a post in the new recruits section, also take a look at the Getting started section it is a mass of information to get you on your journey.
We have loads of troopers with an enormous amount of knowledge ready and eager to help where we can.

See youthere soon.
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wooot ill have a FO TK buddy finally!!! (not that the FO tie pilots and Captain my Captain arent)

ive been a FOTK on my own up here since it was released in 2015 so if you need any help assembling it ect let me know, i got a beta kit from Anovos but there are plenty of good makers out there on the FISD detachment.
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