Welcome to The Redback Garrison Forums!

These are the online Forums of The Redback Garrison. We are a collective of Star Wars costumers and are the Queensland arm of the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming club, a worldwide organisation with almost 5000 members.

We are all here for the sole purpose of discussing our particular hobby – that of Star Wars costuming.

Whilst we all share this one particular interest, we are all from different backgrounds, have different goals, and different motivations for doing what we do. Some of us are here because of a singular love of Star Wars itself – they saw a character in movies in their childhood and always wanted to have a costume just like it; some of us take satisfaction in creating costumes in general, and have many, both Star Wars and non-Star Wars; some of us simply enjoy wearing their costume to attend the many events we participate in each year; some of us enjoy the fundraising and charity work aspect of it.

Whatever the reason, these Forums are where we meet, interact, share knowledge, help others with their creations and continually strive to improve our own. Discussion, interaction and debate are encouraged and welcomed on these Forums, but as with all such forums the Redback Garrison Forums have rules.

These are neither draconian nor dogmatic; they are a simple set of guidelines outlining the minimum expectations that are expected when interacting on the Forums. And the single keystone to these rules is RESPECT. So long as anyone who uses these forums maintains respect for everyone else who uses these forums, then they are free to remain and are welcome. But anyone who uses these forums in a manner that is any way disrespectful to others is simply not welcome.

Bullying, threats, baiting, flaming, trolling, bigotry, intolerance, profanity – these are simply all varying hues of disrespectful behaviour, and there is no place for them on these forums. Any posts containing material of this nature will be removed and the authors warned. Repeated warnings will incur a ban.

Oft times on the forums threads and discussions lead to differing opinions – this is normal in a group as large and diverse as ourselves and such discussions conducted appropriately, can lead to new ideas being formulated. As long as discussions remain constructive people are free to contribute to them, but should they start to veer far 'off-topic' or posts become heated or acrimonious, then action will be taken.

If you believe that such a post has been made on the forums, do not retaliate – let the Garrison Command Staff know about it, and let them address the issue.

Forum access is not a Right, it is a Privilege – abuse the privilege and you will quickly lose it.

Once you become a full 501st member you will have joined a club which is world-renowned for its high quality and exacting standards. It is these same tenets of standards and quality that are also expected of each member on these forums.

We may be the newest 501st Legion Garrison in Australia, but our first goal will be to become the BEST Garrison in Australia – in the quality of our costumes and in the quality of our behaviour, both on the forums and when we troop. If you feel you are unable to meet the high standards we set, or if by your actions or words you are seen not to be meeting these standards, then perhaps the Redback Garrison is not the place for you.

So the conclusion is quite simple: These forums are for the sharing of knowledge and advancement of our hobby. If you feel you are unable to contribute to these forums in a polite and respectful way, then these forums are not for you.

Kev Vader
Commanding Officer
Redback Garrison
501st Legion

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