Welcome the Redbacks Latest Special Ops x 3 TX-3409 Apok
Well Done Apok!
A congratulatory slap on the backside to you sir on your 3 costumes!

I'm a n00b with TX's, from the pictures all i can tell is that the helmet and forearms change color, is there more to it than that?
Nah mate that is about it. Different colours, no colours and some different markings on some of the helmets. That's about it. But it is still cool haha.
Black Stormtroopers? I didn't know they existed? Special Ops hey? Hmmm. Although I did say that I don't like donning plastic and fibreglass, Apok you have made me reconsider. Well done. All your costumes are fantastic.
(Friday 30-Dec-2011, 06:18 PM)APOK Wrote:
(Friday 30-Dec-2011, 06:09 PM)muppet Wrote: beat me to it, 3 hard armour costume beats 5 soft hands down Cheeky

Well you can't argue with the GML can you haha.

lol Wink

Nice work Apok, grats buddy.

[Image: SigII.jpg]
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wow nice going there
[Image: zIWic.gif]
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Pink?? I thought it was red??, aw well shows what I know :P

WELL DONE Doppeldaumen1
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