Adidas Launch @ Footlocker Conference
Troop Report 
Troop Report: Adidas Launch @ Footlocker Conference

Venue: The Pines Resort - Gold Coast

Time: 1700hrs – 2130hrs

Mission: To provide security detail for Lord Vader during the opening address of the launch.

Trooper Attendance:

TK The Scotsman
TK Muppet
TK TheWolf
TK Lestat
TK Hoppy

Support Crew:


Mission Detail: All Troopers arrived in good time with Imperial efficiency at the drop point. And moved to secure a base of operations. Seeing that it was inadequate, another system was quickly liberated by our mighty Imperial force. We had now tightened our grip on this sector of the galaxy.

We moved to the Prince Ballroom to look for any Rebel activity. We had begun to receive reports of a disturbance. All we found were the Dancers working on "corri". We waited patiently for our time to strike.

When the Dancers eventually left the stage, it was buckets on for our rehearsal. A standard walk on, wait......... wait........ wait....... walk off.
And that was it. Done.

We had 45 min to kill at this point before we had to armour up. So we wandered to the cafe. Troops are not always Lemon Meringue pie and cinnamon scrolls. But on this occasion...... It was. Yum.

We made our way back stage to be on stand-by to get ready. It was at this point that Hoppy heard a rumor about the possible location of a Rebel base. In his eagerness to purge the galaxy he rushed off without informing the Command Staff. He began his bombing run. In hindsight the information was incorrect and his bombing was half a parsec off (Use the one around the corner and down the hall, Mate). Also, his choice of a bio-logical attack was not welcomed by the two Command Staff that was about to share the change area with him. Muppet was sent in to try and use a counter agent to make the atmosphere breathable again.

Yes...... Hoppy did a ploppy.Aaaah

Moving on, moving on.......

In lightning speed all TK's were waiting in the wings. At this time sandwiches were served. Again..... Yum.

Then the music played, the smoke billowed, lenses fogged up and we were on. Tremendous applause as the audience cowered before our awesomeness. Lord Vader then appeared.
[Image: DSC00563_01-03-2010.jpg]

We gave him all the respect we could muster.
[Image: DSC00552_01-03-2010.jpg]

Then 60 sec later............ We were done.

And off stage we went.

After about an hour of watching the dancers getting changed into and out of different outfits, The Scotsman liberated some refreshments and the dinner service began. We decided that we should show them that Imperial forces can be rallied at a moments notice to any system and anytime. As we appeared at the back of the ballroom there was a surge of peeps to have pix with the galaxy's finest.

After a short time we were told that more food was now available to us. With our priorities changed, Lestat was leading the way back to the change area.

Eating our fill yet again, it was time to go. The Troopers speed of extraction took the Command staff by surprise. Muppet and The Scotsman were left by themselves to return their security passes and drink all the complimentary beer. It's always a good idea to all walk out together. Not complaining...... More beer for us.Eyebrows

Injuries: None reported. Usual armour bites.

Public Incidents: None worth noting.

Malfunctions: None reported. Apart from some fogging.

Happy People: The Adidas people were thrilled to have us there.

Not Happy People: The two Command Staff that had to share a change area with Hoppy.............Noworries Live and learn..... If you learn, we will let you live.Hehehe

Mission Status: Complete. Thanks to our brave Troopers and wonderful support crew for making this night such a success.Peace


[Image: DSC00625_01-03-2010.jpg]
Yes. That TK is me.
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Awesome work troopers.

Looks like your doing it tough there Scotty.Lol

Must have been a rough troop with all that eating and drinkingBeerchug
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lol great report bro.
Anakin: "So, I should join the Dark Side because it has a good health plan?"
Palpatine: "And flexible working hours."

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Great report Scotty,

Im sure Hopfoot was happy to see the organisers bring out more food, since he had made room for moreYuk

Would have been nice if we had left the venue together, instead of leaving half the troopers waiting outside the change room.Rant

Wow, Darth Vaders been working out.
[Image: DSC00625_01-03-2010.jpg]
Quote:Wow, Darth Vaders been working out.
yeah,,,whats that all about,,,or is he actually Magilla Vader?
nice guy look like fun get any shoes out of them Wink
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Check out the Wookie Shoes and jacket

[Image: th_DSC00576_01-03-2010.jpg]

[Image: th_DSC00579_01-03-2010.jpg]

[Image: th_DSC00581_01-03-2010.jpg]

We all got to choose a pair eachWink
I'm pictured with my pair in the first post.Doppeldaumen1
Real democracy is not something that can be palmed off with a click of a mouse once a year, a crossed box and crossed fingers.

Democracy is for life, not just elections.

I survived Dreamworld 2010DW2011DW2012DW2013DW2014DW2015
Nice going guys, 3 troops in 3 days, great effort.

I survived Dreamworld 2010I survived Supanova 2010:dw11SadJUST)
Great Troop guys! well done! A great way to cap off an awesome weekend!!
nice Ken
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I survived Supanova 2010:dw11::sn11:DW2012
Hang on Scotty. I thought you wanted the blonde. The brunette was mine.
And it's not fault about the bombing run, I got my information from that lovely man in the brown jedi robes over there.
Don't Blink. Blink and you'll....
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Well done guys!

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