Legion Membership Milestone
Hi all,

Joker & Bullant, whilst being the 100th and 101st Active Redback members, they also share another achievement. They were in the last 20 of the Legion approved members to get a 4-digit TKID.

As of yesterday, the 501st Legion has exhausted its supply of 4-digit numbers and is now issuing 5-digit TKIDâ€s.

So as of today, the Legion will now issue numbers from 10000 to 99999.

Kev Vader
thnx for the update old chap...what what and all that !!! ( nice mustache )
DW2012 TO DW2015
BN11 TO BN14

So there is now over 9,999 members across the world? (I do realise some have sadly passed away, or retired). Wasn't there only like 4,600 when we did Dream World earlier this year??? The legion must be doing something right, I suppose even looking just at the Redbacks our numbers have exploded and continuing to grow. Can we get more TK's made locally please? They are the backbone of our Imperial forces (yes I know, I have a completely biased opinion) and essential to our growth, else we're going to end up with a lot of imperial janitors <insert cold shiver>.
Michael (Angelman TK6729)
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I'm THAT guy from the video, 501st Documentary ()
I don't want to be a TK. They're clumsy & they can't shoot straight!
I'm too short to be TK Sad and yes Mel I agree, they're clumsy and silly
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(Monday 3-Sep-2012, 12:24 AM)SideshowMel Wrote:  I don't want to be a TK. They're clumsy & they can't shoot straight!

But we're so shiny Smile
(Monday 3-Sep-2012, 07:07 AM)Bullant Wrote:  But we're so shiny Smile

Not all of us, hey Apok?
We may not be able to see or shoot straight but we look badass marching next to Lord vader
Stormtroopers...Unquestioned loyalty
Damn straight Cobra. Some of us work for a living and don't just sit on the Star Destroyers haha.

@Angelman - There are about 5500 active troopers. The rest are inactive TKID's due to non-trooping, retirement or our fellow troopers that are no longer with us. So as it stands the Redbacks make up 1/55 of the Legion. Not too bad really.
This would have to have us up there as one of the largest garrisons too i'm guessing?

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