Please welcome to the Redbacks, CC-8548 JOker
Look out clones CC-8548 JOker better know as Rex has arrived, but you can call him captain or sir.

This is the first Rex for the Redbacks. I know you put in a lot of work on it and it looks great, well done Garrett!

Please review the troops before you head off for on next mission.

Pics to come
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

Nice work JOker, will be good to see this one in person at some stage.
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Well done JOker... Smile

DW2012 BN12
GCSN13 :DW13:
Hurra Yay great to see that even with over 100 Redbacks there are still firsts being done in the Garrison. Hurra
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Well done Brother Rex, we shall never cross paths or the space time continuum will implode!
[Image: CtjvZdX.gif]
Distance traveled to troop: 97261kms

Well done, JOker, the kids will love it! Doppeldaumen1
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Cheers, Todd "Voyd" TK6086 - Shiny all the way.
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You were deceived and now your Republic shall fall!
:GCSN12: DW2012
Thanks guys, as I was saying before the forums died, the credit for the original build belongs to Kristian Goree (KG), who did the base construction and the great weathering job, but I've done a fair bit of structural change to resize him, and I'm glad that I got to do that, because now I feel there's a part of me invested in the build as well Smile

He already has a long legacy of making kids smile down south, and it's something I want to continue now he's officially a Redback...hopefully I'll get down to Supernova and Dreamworld next year so you can see him in the flesh (or should that be in the plastic?)
Nice one dude he looks awesome.
Well done JOker
Congratz, mate!Doppeldaumen1
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Science! Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.

Well done JOker
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Congrats mate, look forward to seeing it.

I survived Dreamworld 2010
Mate you kept that one secret, it does look awesome, the kids are going to be thrilled to see Rex come to life. You're going to have to practice your accent now. (You can borrow my iComm).
At this rate Lisa and I are going to have to clone up soon.
Michael (Angelman TK6729)
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I'm THAT guy from the video, 501st Documentary ()
Woah, that came out of nowhere lol. Nice work mate! Is it a S1-3 or a S4???
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