Please welcome TB-6053 ashbash
Good work Ash, congratulationsJigJig
Congrats oh Bashy one....
Huzzah. Well done.
Don't Blink. Blink and you'll....
[Image: Surviver_zpsb1caa6e2.png]
Well done Ash, good see another scout around.

from the humble beginnings at the ashbash!

One thing I wanna mention is the amount of valuable help I got from Dave/TheWolf and Kit. They had me over and we got the majority of it done in 24 hours. So this is a big thank you.

special mention goes to Mike/Deltorn who glued in my visor a little crooked. thanks man you did good

Thanks for all the congrats guys Smile
[Image: SIG_zpsed128473.jpg]
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12
GCSN13 :DW13:

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