8/5/14 - EB Games Helensvale Starlight Fundraiser
Date: 8/5/14

Venue: EB Games Helensvale, Westfield

[Image: IMG_4376_zps56af9c0c.jpg]

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Mission: To help EB Games raise funds for the Starlight foundation

Trooper Attendance:
CC 50102 - badman
CC 5092 - Glitch
DZ 19770 - Spooky
TB 23177 - scoutjockie
TD 19866 - Blueski
TR 10364 - Petros
DS 5347 - Rayvn

TK 8545 - Oigen
TD 22272 - Astro
TB 7925 - Chief

RL: JediMel

GA: Alrakis (Anthony) and Boba Fett (Jackson)

Guest Trooper Attendance:
CC 36363 - Hubris


CC-5092 Begin Report:

Arriving early to recon the situation I discovered Oigen was already waiting for me at the store. We greeted Justin our organiser and the Staff, who took us up to the change room at centre management.
Not long afterwards the rest of the troops arrived, and Oigen brought them up to join me in putting on our armour and robes.
Before we set out to collect from the busy shoppers we took a photo with the Staff (Luke, Justin and Archie) and Buck the EB games mascot!

[Image: IMG_4217_zps4b9d3ed1.jpg]

Then it was into the busy shopping centre to raise for Starlight, we made our way from one end to the other and back visiting many stops along the way for photos and donations.
There were many Hi-5's and happy kids -

[Image: IMG_4260_zps4c105b3d.jpg][Image: IMG_4277_zpsda6474ab.jpg][Image: IMG_4368_zps2c0509d6.jpg]

Many shopping outlets were checked for droids -

[Image: IMG_4254_zpsfa5320be.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4334_zpsdaf57a2b.jpg][Image: IMG_4331_zps82ca3796.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4264_zps2684d75d.jpg]

And Jawas subsequently searched for any scavenged merchandise after each visit -

[Image: IMG_4304_zpsdba69479.jpg]

before removing our various costumes we visited the new manager of Bibs and Ribs, the Longfin's local cantina.

[Image: IMG_4391_zpse41a410c.jpg]

After meeting and greeting our new cantina overlord we took our robes/armour off and assaulted the food court for some well deserved food capsules.

Special Thanks:
To our fantastic wranglers, photographers and those that came from far away and from just finishing work to get to this troop!
As well as the EB Helensvale Staff who were very fun and incredibly grateful for our efforts!

[Image: IMG_4362_zps0d9282a4.jpg]

Additional Report:

Returning to EB saturday I helped out in my TK armour from 10am - 3pm alongside buck again.
This is because the Staff had recently been told their Starlight week was extended until Sunday (11/5/14)
So I filled a heap more buckets with donations and hi-5'd a whole bunch of smiling kids nice enough to donate their parents change,
Many photos were taken and I personally had heaps of fun!
We'll see these guys in the future again for sure!

CC-5092 End Report.

Charity Funds Raised:

Prepare to be amazed! (but just be aware these are not exact totals yet)
The total raised for Thursday was $1200, $593 of which was thanks to our visit, and the total raised for saturday was $1067!
EB Helensvale alone has raised over $6000 for Starlight over the week so a big congratulations to them!!!

Public Incidents:
Lots of kids and parents faces lighting up at the sight of us!
as well as some kids with sticky fingers. I blame the Jawas!

Mission Status: Success!


There's a whole bunch more awesome photos right here thanks to Alrakis!
:GCSN12: -> GCSN16
DW2012 -> DW2016
BN12 -> BN16
A great evening and not surprised how much was raised for Starlight, considering how hard it was to make progress down the Mall due to do many people stopping the Troopers for photos (the wranglers certainly earned their Imperial credits). Thanks for having CBH-0525 (Jackson) along again. Here's one of Saturday's "Mini-Troop"

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Awesome work guys.
Outstanding troopers, well done
nice work... and I may have to check out that Kustom Kanvas place Smile
DW2013 to DW2018
Fun troop, thank you guys
That was lots of fun Smile made even better by the great company !
Glitch well done, well done everyone, it was a great evening. Those EB games guys are great with the collections tins, don't think a person got away without a donation.
Thanks Wranglers, you made the progress up the shopping centre easier, great work.
Thanks for the great photos Tony, I am a making the Masterchef one my new picture.Peace

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