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Yeah hi you can call me Watchman.I am very interested in joining the 501st and live in the QLD area. I am planning on getting a full Advanced Recon Commando costume.

I would like to know if anyone has any recommended places to buy approved costumes? On top of that if anyone can give me the basics I would really appreciate it! XD
Hiya Watchman and welcome. Im sure some better qualified personnel will give you tips one armour but I will jump in with "Beware of evilBay" the majority if eBay costumes are not abke to be approved. There are a few exceptions to this rule but members will help you out with that. Best policy is "ask first buy later"
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Yeah i keep hearing about avoiding Ebay. My friend who is already a part of the 501st says its best to buy online and ship it but I have no clue where I would get a good costume from.
best you also then join up to the detachment forum... Advanced Recon Commando's come under so head on over to there.

Also compare to the CRL to make sure that which ever Recon clone your doing your following the right list of items

oh and Welcome Smile
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Hey mate and welcome. You say your looking for an already approved costume? Others with more knowledge will be able to tell you more but having bought a pre-owned and approved costume doesn't mean you will get it approved for you straight away. If I had my time again I would have bought a kit and made it myself to fit me rather than having to try mod it.
Blueski raised a good question did you mean approved? Or approvable?

While you can buy a costume that has been approved it's only approved for the person wearing it in the approval pics...once sold to someone else it has to be approved again and may need changes depending on your build/height compared to the seller and the fact that the CRL could of been updated since it was approved
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Just one i can buy then make to suit me to be approved.

As an update i want to make the alpha 17 version of the ARC troopers costume. I have gone onto the page and am looking for help there to get the parts.
Hi and welcome to the forums..
Lots of good advice around here..
What part of Qld are you from..
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Brisbane area bro.
Welcome Watchman, let the fun begin.
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