Howdy from Hervey Bay
Hi there Redbacks
My name is Matt & I have wanted to look like a proper Stormtrooper for as long as I can remember, the plastic face mask & pvc poncho from the '80s just didn't quite cut it lol. Baytrooper actually put me onto your fine garrison & I think the Stunt Stormtrooper is where I am leaning towards unless there is an advantage of building the Hero Stormtrooper???????
Anyway, just wanted to say hi & I hope to meet & be trooping with you all soon-ish
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Welcome Matt. You're in pretty good hands with Adam, even if he is a dirty dirty sandy.

As far as the benefit of the Hero build, well they are the handsome ones, although I may be a little biased Smile

Have fun with your research.
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Welcome Firestorm at last the area is growing Smile

Welcome! Adam will def look after you Smile

As for which stormtrooper to do is up to you...if you have a pull to a specific movie of the original trilogy maybe go towards that otherwise I wouldn't say there was a specific advantage of one over another
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Welcome Matt. Great to see you've signed up. Ask lotsa questions, and this most awesome group of people will help you on your way Smile
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Hi Matt, and welcome aboard.
Have you signed up to the FISD (First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment) yet?
It will be one of the best resources on all things shiny white.
Enjoy the journey.
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Hi Matt, and welcome. If you are heading to Sugar Con next weekend in Mackay, there will be some of our troopers there that you can talk to face to face. They will be walking the crowd tho, no stall for us. Just hit 'em up for a chat and 20 questions :P
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Hey Matt
Awwww Baytrooper (Adam) will be sooooooooo excited to have another partner in crime, that will make 3 of you in Hervey Bay.
Great bunch of people here and can help you with your purchases/questions/build. Just ask. Good luck!
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone Smile I think I'm going to like it here.

My Mum says I'm quite handsome already Bids Wink I wouldn't want to steal to much limelight Smile

I think the Bay might have a bigger 501st presence in not too long Wolf Smile

Thanks Duras, I am partial to ANH so I might start there Smile

We will have to catch up again Baytrooper & have another chat Smile

Thank you for the tip Sly. The FISD will be my next stop

I will miss Sugar Con unfortunately Major Payne, the downside to being a photographer. My weekends are usually booked up with weddings & always when there is a Con on :/

Thanks Rebelrach, I am sure I will have loads of questions Smile but before I bombard you all with my rookieness, I will try a little research Smile

Thank you Thewolf

I can't wait
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An ANH stormtrooper... good choice (might be a little bias). Enjoy your journey... it can be a bit like a rollercoaster ride at times. When you have questions there are plenty of members on here only too willing to help you out and give just have to ask.
Look forward to reading about your progress.
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I will have questions aplenty Cre8tiv Smile
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