Considering Stormtrooper
Hi everyone, at the risk of sounding indecisive, I've been wondering if I should be looking at working on a stormtrooper as my first costume, rather than the highly complex Boba Fett. What I like about the stormtrooper is the instant recognition / association with Star Wars (particularly A New Hope). Any advice on first steps, things to consider before embarking on builds / purchase? Cheers.
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Stormtrooper is an excellent choice for your first hard armour costume.

Here's a link to a video we made on putting it together:


And of course the Stormtrooper detachment website:
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Science! Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.

Thanks Buzzard, I'll check those links out. I'm loving how helpful you guys are to us newbies, fantastic!
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watching the you tube stuff. very good and straight forward.

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