Garrison Event Managers
To cope with the increasing complexity and scale of Redback Garrison attendance at major events, it has been proposed that starting in 2012 a Garrison Event Manager be appointed for each large event we attend.

These troopers would be responsible for overseeing the many facets of our attendance at major events.

After seeking, and receiving, applications from Redback Members, the following is a list of the large, multi-Day events we anticipate attending in 2012, and their respective Garrison Event Managers.

Gold Coast Supanova, April 20th-22nd: Tamsin 'Sithprincess' Sutherland

Dreamworld, May 4th-6th: Adam 'APOK' Lochowicz

Queensland Models and Hobbies Expo, Date TBA: Alex 'Tachyon' Hollingsworth

Logan Library Sci Fi Month, Date TBA: Ken 'Muppet' Seymour

Supanova Brisbane, November 9th-11th: Mike 'Deltorn' Green

Those of you who have helped organise these events in the past have an idea of how much work goes into our presence at the event, so let's give the GEM's as much assistance as we can when asked, and I look forward to Redbacks, in 2012, again setting the standard for the Legion in Australia!

Kev Vader
If you like I'll get them all a name tag... GEM Wink
& congrats ppl Smile

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Congratulations guys. If you need any help, I am willing to assist. Doppeldaumen1
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