Well deserved pat on the back
What a busy week it has been for the Garrison. In the last 7 days, there has been around 15 events the Redbacks have attended.
From the south east corner in Robina, to the top of the state in Townsville. In the middle in Rocky, and of course around Brisbane.

You have all done a tremendous job of living up to the Garrison's motto and setting the standard for the 501st in the southern hemisphere.

You all deserve a very large pat on the back.

Indeed, Great work Redbacks!!
Cheers, Todd "Voyd" TK6086 - Shiny all the way.
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Yay for us!
.... It's alright for you to judge me,
sitting up there in your airconditioned battle Cruiser!...

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yeah well done all, not sure about the rest of you but im feeling the pain!
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Distance traveled to troop: 96628kms

great job everyone, these were fun events
No pain no gain beanie Smile
Great work everyone especially those who did multiple days.
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Let's do it again! Smile
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Yes, fantastic job everyone, there is no 'I' in team so pats to everyone who gave up their time to troop and raise money for the starlight foundation this week, massive effort.
Best idea to raise money was I got 2 TK's to hold me with blasters in my back and walked the cinema line saying " they are forcing me to ask you to donate to the starlight foundation or they are going to disintergrate me !" I swear every line we did raised $30 - $40.
we had so much fun at chermside too!!!
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meh!!!... why do ppl post in red & purple I can't see it then have to highlight it but anyways... pat on the back pfft... raises glass, cheers all Smile

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Great work everyone Doppeldaumen1

Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu. "They were the wrath of the warrior's shadow and the Gauntlet of the Republic"

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Had a great week Doppeldaumen1 -went to 4 troops with awesome troopers, pleased lots of fans (scared some others), raised lots of money for the starlight foundation and didnt see JarJar in 3D - really good week Doppeldaumen1 .

Have to say that two fantastic crowd pleasers at Chermside were the JawasJawa and Rays Yuvon Zong Devil (?)Notworthy . I am looking forward to next years events already. Jig

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Well done, great job everyone.
I don't feel the pain after 4 troops 4 days in a row Beanie, I can only feel the wiiiine Drink up!

But seriously I have had the best time trooping Chermside this week and feel very proud to be a part of this most awesome garrison Hehehe Well done to everyone who participated in these TPM events, the public absolutely loved it!
(Sunday 12-Feb-2012, 06:54 PM)Anakinra Wrote:  I don't feel the pain after 4 troops 4 days in a row Beanie, I can only feel the wiiiine Drink up!

yeah thats ok, im just getting old, you know wearing makeup contact lenses and robes and a mask with just a hole to breath and see out of, other then that, i could troop in the snowie forever!
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Distance traveled to troop: 96628kms

Well done all! Peace

I'm really glad I joined in time to be a part of all this.

As a TK, I'll need someone else to pat me on the back.
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