Happy New Year, Redbacks!
So, what's in store for 2013?

In 2007, the Redback Squad was founded on two sound footings: fostering an enjoyment of the hobby of costuming, and using what we do to do good work for charity.

By the time we had formed the Redback Garrison, we had also spent a lot of time developing an immensely positive environment within the club, which encouraged members to try new things, to move out of their comfort zones, be it white armour or soft costumes, and to help others do the same.

And we seem to be doing something right, don’t we?

We had an outstanding 42 new members in 2012, which nearly doubled our membership, but we have more than doubled the number of costumes as we have had many members have had added a second or third (or fifteenth) costume to their collection.

The Garrison also now has a second prop – the excellent card-backing created by Ashbash and Scope, which has proved to be very popular, and there is a great impetus to create at least one more in time for Gold Coast Nova, and perhaps two.

Apok and his Dreamworld team set a new milestone in 2012 with a trooper turnout in excess of 100 for the first time, and from 2013 onwards I’m certain there will never be less than 100 Star Wars costumers at the Dreamworld event. This event and our other large events such as both Supanova’s, The Carnival of Flowers Parade, The Moonwalk, The Variety Bash, QMHE can only happen if we have troopers who step forward and volunteer to co-ordinate them, oft-times to the extent of missing out on any in-costume trooping time themselves at these events.

But a great thing about the Redbacks is that we DO have members who are willing to do this, and we DO have members who also offer assistance where required, and we DO have members who put in a lot of time and effort in the background to make things run so well.

The Redbacks have always encouraged both creativity and very high standards, and 2013 will be no exception as there are already many new and exciting costumes in the pipeline.

The 501st Legion is a curious beast.

Never has there been a more appropriate example of an organization being more than the sum of its parts.

Since we were first formed, we set out to ensure that here in Queensland we created a dynamic Star Wars costuming community which would be the leading light in standards, innovation and teamwork, firstly in Australia and then the entire Legion. And this is now becoming a reality. There is a camaraderie and esprit de corps within the club which is very much the envy of many other garrisons.

The club also provides us with unique opportunities to forge new friendships and enjoy new experiences - 2012 was such a year and 2013 will certainly exceed it. Quality breeds quality - and the Redbacks exemplify this in everything we do. 2012 was a stellar year for the Redback Garrison, but I believe 2013 will certainly eclipse it.

In 2012 we helped more people become members, supported new charities, and attended more events than ever before. Whilst we did attend a number of large events through the year, there were a record number of smaller events which we attended, from school fetes to birthday parties to corporate functions, events which the Redbacks have always supported throughout the state.

There are garrisons around the world whose focus is purely costuming, others who make excellent props; our focus is putting smiles on faces - and we are really, really good at it. Let’s keep doing that in 2013.

Thank you ALL for a wonderful 2012, and look forward to trooping with you again in 2013!

Kevin Chamberlain
Kev Vader
Commanding Officer
Redback Garrison
Well said my Lord. Happy New Years to all Redbacks and RL members.Smile

I survived Dreamworld 2010I survived Supanova 2010:dw11SadJUST)
Inspirational words from a good bloke and well deserved leader/ dictator , whichever you prefer . The whole family is looking forward to bigger and better in 2013 . More new costumes on the way .Happy new year to all the new friends we have made .
Here here!

Happy New Year everyone!

2013 is going to be awesome! Peace
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!
I raise my glass to you, Kev, and the whole of the Redback garrison, and the legion, too. Happy new year, everyone! Here's looking forward to an exciting and prosperous 2013! Doppeldaumen1
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Well said Sir!

I raise my glass to the Emporer in anticipation of a bigger and better 2013.

To all the redbacks, meeting you all in 2012 was a pleasure. I look forward to all the troops/AP's and social gatherings to come. You guys are what have made my year spectacular! Rock on 2013!
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Happy new year all.
Cheers, Todd "Voyd" TK6086 - Shiny all the way.
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Happy new year to all you wonderful people :P
Happy New Year Redbacks!!
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Happy new year gang!
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Happy new year, it is a honour to serve in the Redbacks
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Well said mate, 2013 is going to be a great year, really looking forward to getting down there for DW in May and meeting everyone...Happy New Year Redbacks!
Well said, happy newyear to you all and lets make this year as amazing if not much more amazing then the year that was :D

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Cheers Kev and there are some awesome people in our garrison yes.

and 'You' sir are one of them Smile

love and peace jas
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