Please welcome IC-3989 buzzard
Please welcome the latest Imperial Crewman....Janitor IC-3989 buzzard.

Nice work mate, don't let Vader see you slacking off.

[Image: ic3989.jpg] [Image: ic3989_thumb.gif]
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

[Image: expert_infantry_badge1.png]
Love the mop shot! lol
nice work there Mr Janitor April 2013
[Image: CtjvZdX.gif]
[Image: 4ki6at6.jpg]
Distance traveled to troop: 95015kms

WOW that pose looks so natural Buzzard your house must be really clean. Hehehe
Duty * Honor * Empire

What do you call a stormtrooper who can hit a target?
TIE Pilot Cheeky
clean up in cell block five....that wookiiee made an awful mess down there....
Best looking mop I've seen in ages. Looks like the two of you are about to have a dance.
Looking good mate.
The Death Star is gonna be nice n shiny now if that mop is anything to go by... Good work!!
(Saturday 13-Apr-2013, 09:25 AM)Duck Wrote:  Love the mop shot! lol

Oh don't call him that...Lol
Well done mate!

Darth "I find your lack of pants disturbing."
Buzzard - make sure you follow follow those dirty Sandtroopers, they always leave a mess everywhere.
Congrat's mate.
Stormtroopers: instant recognition combined with complete anonymity
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12 GCSN13 :DW13:
Well done crewman. Now you can start your great career with cleaning my quaters. Also, I think one of the toilets aboard the Deathstar in the Northern Hemisphere, Level 2442, Sector 42, Hallway 24, is blocked up.
Don't Blink. Blink and you'll....
[Image: Surviver_zpsb1caa6e2.png]

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