100,000th Post!

After watching the total climb closer all week, Montanna 'Stormybrite' Wells was the trooper who finally made the 100,000th post on the Redback Forums!

ooh what does she win?

only one user shy of 1000 too
BN12 to BN16
GCSN13 to GCSN17
OCC2014 to OCC2017
DW2013 to DW2017
Scope will be delivering your "Han In Carbonite" prize shortly. Doppeldaumen1
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Science! Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.

oh man, she was busy on the forum if she was the first person to post 100,000 posts.......I have probable made only 200 in 12months, any chance I can get 2nd prize ? ha ha

just before someone posts ...I am only kidding, I realize it is all members posts inclusive !

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...no Han, sorry Sad
DW2012 TO DW2015
BN11 TO BN14

Give her a Pay rise I think Kev. 10% increase should be good aye. :P
Don't Blink. Blink and you'll....
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