Please welcome ID-3989 Buzzard
Please welcome the newest officer to the ranks ID-3989 Buzzard.

Nice work Aaron, looking Sharp Wink

Your orders will be forwarded shortly, but I know there are some stormtroopers who are slacking off and need to be bought into line.

[Image: id3989_full.jpg] [Image: id3989_thumb.gif]
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

[Image: expert_infantry_badge1.png]
Congrats Aaron :D
Congratulations Buzzard Doppeldaumen1 Just wondering though did you give yourself a higher rank than Lei so you finally order her around Cheeky
Duty * Honor * Empire

What do you call a stormtrooper who can hit a target?
TIE Pilot Cheeky
Congratulations Aaron!
                                                      "I can't see a thing in this helmet."
Congrat's buddy.
Stormtroopers: instant recognition combined with complete anonymity
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12 GCSN13 :DW13:
Nice work mate,

just don't forget about your hard armour though. Wink
[Image: forumsig3.jpg]
ohh gawd... now hes going to start getting bossy too Wink

well done bud!
BN12 to BN16
GCSN13 to GCSN17
OCC2014 to OCC2017
DW2013 to DW2017
Gratz mate!
Move along...
Well done mate
Stormtroopers...Unquestioned loyalty
What a handsome looking dude Smile he should have his own TV show.
[Image: 5034518159_37cdf3e6d4_z.jpg]
Good work...Great to see another Officer Smile
now does he outrank me?
Thanks guys, I finally got around to organising my pics. Lei and I got our officers at the same time but sometimes I'm a little slow...

Bryan, no matter what my rank is, I will never be able to boss Lei around. Duras, however.... Eyebrows
[Image: ytpTSHu.png]

Science! Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.

Nice work mate Smile
Yep line up and compare rank badges! Rolleyes
Are you going to boss yourself around now?? Yuk
Congrats and see you in the Officer canteen mate! Don't bring those awful jokes though Jig
(Monday 23-Dec-2013, 11:16 PM)Rebelrach Wrote:  Don't bring those awful jokes though Jig

On officer pay he should be able to afford better material....or at least material Smile
BN12 to BN16
GCSN13 to GCSN17
OCC2014 to OCC2017
DW2013 to DW2017

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