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Full Version: Please welcome TX25087 pecklez
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Please welcome our newest Shadow Trooper TX25087 pecklez

Good work Kerrin, that extra effort paid off!

Now that you have completed your specialised training stand by you will assigned to extremely classified mission shortly.

[Image: tx25087_full.jpg] [Image: tx25087_head.jpg]
Nice one. Bout time Wink
Congrats Pecklez!
Congrats Kerrin, finally all the work has paid off Smile
Congratulations Pecklez
Congrats but think that armour needs more polish
Great work and looking awesome Kerrin. Congrats.

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thanks everyone so glad it finally approved n I can troop for rogue one n get confused with vader n deathtrooper lol.....BRING ON ROGUE ONE!!
Very nice. Congrats.
Well done Kerrin
Congrats Pecklez!
Congrats Pecklez!
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