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Full Version: Australia Day Brisbane Lord Mayor Achievement Award for Community Service
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The Redback Garrison has just been awarded an Australia Day award from the Brisbane City Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, Achievement Award for Community Service and generally being awesome.

In attendance were Adam Lochowicz (Apok), our current Garrison Commanding Officer, Rick Oliver (cobra), our Garrison Executive Officer, Kevin Chamberlain (Kev Vader), our former Garrison Commanding Officer and current Regional Moff of Oceania and Colleen Spoljarevic (Tygress), our Garrison Charity Officer.

Without you guys and gals that don your armour on for charity events, hospital visits, fetes, birthday parties, weddings, conventions and our other big events, we would not raise the money we do nor have the impact on the community that we do.  Even at the Award Ceremony when we were announced, not only did the emcee and the mayor already know who we are and what we do, but so did a lot of the other award recipients.  We must be doing something right.

This is a proud moment in our garrison history. Congratulations to each and every trooper that has contributed to the greatness that is the Redback Garrison. Keep being awesome troopers.

Your extremely proud GCO

Great work to everyone what an amazing achievement!

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how awesome to have this acknowledgement on the 10th Anniversary of Redbacks. well done!
Well done everyone!
Great job everyone!!!
A fantastic way to have all of your work recognised. Well done.
A great start to a big year for the Redbacks. Well done all.  Doppeldaumen1
A fantastic way to start the year!!

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Great job everyone  Jig
That's an amazing achievement one we should all be so very proud of. We need to ensure that we show the Lord Mayor how truly awesome we are and put on a Parade through the Queen Street Mall they everyone will be talking about Smile Don't for get to sign up if you haven't already Smile

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Great recognition for hard work , the Mayors office is supporting us with permission to parade through city streets to bring RBG awesomeness to the public .
Congratulations to everyone
Hey I know those guys. I dress up in plastic with them! Nice work to all of us. Definite proof we're on the right track!
Kinda makes me proud to be part of this Kick Ass Garrison.
Well done everybody!!!
Great job Redbacks!
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