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Full Version: Please welcome TI22272 Astro & TI36363 Hubris
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Please welcome our two new First Order Tie Pilots TI22272 and TI36363 Astro and Hubris.

Looking fantastic, Helen and Flynn.

Now please remember to take the keys out of the ignition when you park in the hanger. One of out TIEs went missing recently stolen by a traitor and a rebel pilot.

[Image: ti22272_full.jpg] [Image: ti22272_head.jpg]

[Image: ti36363_full.jpg] [Image: ti36363_head.jpg]
Congratulations Guys, well done
Amazing job again , love the tandem approvals .
Very well done looks awesome Smile

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Excellent work you two!
Outstanding. You 2 are legends Smile
That's lucky that you both made the same armour.
Congratulations, looks awesome, of course.
Love it!!! Go team Hubris and Astro xxx
These look wicked. nice one guys!
woot, great to have an expending First Order team, cant wait to troop with you both.

Congratulations you both look great. Looking forward to having a First Order presence on the weekend!
Great work to both of you. Looks fantastic and cant wait to get a closer look next week.
Congrats to both of you you guys look great

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Congratulations guys, you both look awesome Smile
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