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Full Version: Please welcome SL10730 Iceheart
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Please welcome our latest Sith Lord Darth Traya, SL10730 Iceheart.

Looks great Sue, well done.

Time to re-established the Trayus Academy to train, convert, and create a generation of Sith.

[Image: sl10730_full.jpg] [Image: sl10730_head.jpg]
Congratulations Sue !! Well done


Congratulations Sue!
Congrats on another great outfit!

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Notworthy congrates !!!!!!
Congratulations Sue.

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Congratulations Sue , you look awesome .
Congratulations Sue Smile looks great
Thank you and thank you for all the help from Kayle and Jeremy in pulling this together

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Congrats Sue!
Congratulations Sue!
Well Done!
Congratulations Sue you look fantastic
Congrats on the approval Sue.
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