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Full Version: Please welcome SL12311 Teiwaz
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Please welcome our latest Sith Lord Darth Nihilus SL12311 Teiwaz

Looks great Dave, good work.

Darth Traya offered to train you to devour entire worlds to help appease the hunger you have.

[Image: sl12311_full.jpg] [Image: sl12311_head.jpg]
Wow, congrats Dave!
Nice one Dave. You still won't outrank Stacey as a Sith Lord though.
Congrats Dave!
Congrats mate. Looking pretty smartly dressed there mate. A certain Golden Droids fashion help paid off Smile

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Rad! Looks great!
Welcome to the Darkside mate! 
Looks awesome  Doppeldaumen1
Congratulations, looks great , awesome to be a Sith Lord .
Looks great Dave, congrats Smile


What a wierd day. I knew you were a SL Dave Smile

Comgratulations Dave, cant wait to see it Smile
Great work Dave looks great

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Well done Dave Smile
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