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Full Version: Please welcome TK29841 Gix
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Please welcome TK29841 Captain Phasma, Gix.

Looks great Renae so shiny.

Captain the First Order's stormtroopers await your orders.

[Image: tk29841_full.jpg] [Image: tk29841_head.jpg]
whoo! Gratz :D
Nice. Congrats Gix.
Fantastic work Gix. Congratulations Smile
Congratulations Gix!
Congratulations Gix!
Must be your round at the AP   Cheeky

Booyah, First Order !!!
I await your orders Captain!

Congrats on getting it approved. So very awesome!
congrats renae
Looks great.
Congratulations Renae.
Congratulations Gix looks awesome.
Nice! And just in time

Phantom on double time and a half rate!
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