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Full Version: Please welcome our newest Redback, Triple9 99902
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Please welcome our newest Redback and Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine Triple9 99902.

Nice work Courtney, looking good.

You have restored the Sith, time to destroy the Jedi Order.

[Image: sl99902_full.jpg] [Image: sl99902_head.jpg]
'Bout time  Eyebrows
Seriously though, Well done and welcome to full member status. Your wrangling work in the lead up to being approved has been great. Happy to troop with you in a kit and great to have another costume in the Wide Bay area  Doppeldaumen1
Good job Courtney, congratulations mate.
Congrats Courtney :D can't wait to troop with you in kit Smile
Haha thanks Adam I know took me long enough. Thanks Dave and Matt. Have loved the 2 troops I've done so far and everyone I've met has been super nice.
Congratulations mate , well done .
Thanks Cyclops
Great work congrats

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Congratulations buddy.

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Thanks guys
Sensational mate. Really looking forward to trooping with you and also a big thanks for the wrangling support in the lead up to your approval.
Awesome work! It's been fun trooping with you

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Was my pleasure Bigdub love going to our local troops. Same Squid has been alot of fun at DW and Brisbricks
Already said congrats in person :P
Doesn't count unless it's on the forum lol
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