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Full Version: Trish's Wedding Townsville
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[b]Date: 31/7/2021[/b]

[b]Venue: Townsville Palmetum [/b]


To accompany the bride across the park to the isle , then secure the area and grab photos after the ceremony.

[b]Trooper Attendance:[/b]

[b]DannytheBlue :Stormtrooper[/b]
[b]Red Empress :Snowtrooper[/b]
[b]Seantrooper :Snowtrooper[/b]
[b]Buddy Love :Imperial Gunner[/b]
[b]NQ Dude :Imperial Officer[/b]
[b]Kemen :Darth Vader[/b]
[b]DShike :Biker Scout[/b]
[b]Iceman :Greedo[/b]

RBG: TKID and username/costume

RL: Username & costume - mark N/A or delete if not applicable
[b]Guest Trooper Attendance:[/b]

[b]Rapter :Boba Fett[/b]
Wranglers etc.

Details: We all arrived in good time for a carpark change and headed for shade to wait for the bride. We led her across the park to the waiting groom and guests to the accompaniment of the Imperial March. After a short ceremony we had a photo shoot with the newly weds and headed back to the carpark . Special thanks to Rapter for flying up to Townsville that morning to troop with the mighty Venom Squad (as Boba Fett was the Grooms favourite Star Wars character)  and for being a good sport with the photos 

[b]Charity Funds Raised:$500[/b]

[b]Injuries / Malfunctions: N/A[/b]

[b]Public Incidents: N/A[/b]

[b]Mission Status: A Great success , so good to dust off the armour again.[/b]

[b]Photos: Sorry cant figure out how to add photos!!![/b]
Nicely done troopers , saw a couple of photos from this event and I’m sure you made the bride and grooms wedding a day they’ll always remember , kudos to Raptor for this trip and commitment to the event .
Remind me to send you the receipt for the donation!

Sounds like it was a great troop - Trish has been endlessly thankful!!!