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Full Version: Monster Garage Sale and Craft Day
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Date: 16-10-2021

Venue: Beachhouse @ Beachmere

Time: 9-11am

Mission: Bring Empire's awesomeness to the even and shine attention on to the RFS and SES

Trooper Attendance:
TK26976 - Duras - TK ANH Hero

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

QBShan - Wrangler

Details: Local retirement village event at Beachmere to raise funds for the RFS and SES in the area. Sadly the rain the day before meant they had to cancel a lot of the stands as they couldn't be setup as they wouldnt be undercover.

Charity Funds Raised: bucket was being held by SES workers and didnt get account but from what I saw go in to the collection bucket approx $50 for the SES

Injuries / Malfunctions: Other than fans packing up instantly again though I just fixed them all went smoothly (even had a elevator from change room to event so no stairs) ... thankfully fantastic breeze coming in so heat wasn't a issue.

Public Incidents: None

Mission Status: Success 


[Image: y4mTl6_s1xxsEjNkDWaRaoY01UfgCrVouUDyyUR_...pmode=none][Image: y4mWOctbU1MM7HPCA-pHWx5ub_872rTIXFkrPkIT...pmode=none]
[Image: y4mMoVh5Yjt2m7SQRcOSUxj8-1y4z4-eTHjNMmnN...pmode=none]

and some people were there in weird costumes but I tried to avoid them Wink .... this is actually my father in law :P  
[Image: y4mnArCNrH0VZNU2tVJS3VGbaHgy5PF7lQ9-Kp_6...pmode=none]
Some troopers will even turn up to a garage sale , nice work .
Even got a thank you certificate [Image: bb2275413c50e7232d5138dd2d553732.jpg]

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Awesome work mate!!
Nice work! The solo troopers are hard but you're guaranteed to get all the attention Wink
Great work!
Nicely done mate, looks like a great day was had!