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Full Version: 15 Oct 2021 - MS Moonwlak
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Date:  15 Oct 2021

Venue: Davies Park, West End

Time: 5-9pm

Mission: Walk to raise awareness of MS and just have fun in costumes.

Trooper Attendance:
TS4159 Beanie

Rebel legion Attendance:
MyKill as Jedi
Tamsin as Bespin Leia

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

Lucky Phil - Wrangler

Details: The annual MS Walk returns and being the 2nd time this year (March was the 2020 walk) crowd numbers overall were low inc our team but didnt hamper our enthusiasm. The day could not have been any clearer and the moon was shinning down over us and the walk was as wonderful as ever with all the new path lights around the river opened.

Couple of stops along the way to fill up on Maccas Cookies, which a certain Jedi filled his pockets and tunic with.

We also found a new half way drinks stop, right at the Goodwil Bridge is a small little drinking hole for next year! Cheers!

walked back to southbank and back to the finish line in just over 2 hours so thank you to Michael, Phil and Tamsin for joining me on this walk, which i have decided that this was my last Point of Contact MS Walk, i will now hand the POC duties onto someone else as its been over 10 years of POC from me, so thank you to all that have been apart of it.

Charity Funds Raised: Phil raised over $140 and Mykil got $21. nice little effort all.

Injuries / Malfunctions: A few sore feets and a sharp pinch in my left shoulder but all is good now.

Public Incidents: None

Mission Status: Success 

Photos: Pictures from Tamsin, thank you.
Great job, as always, Beanie!