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Full Version: Richies Rainbow Walk
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Name: Richies Rainbow Walk
Venue: Lota Camping Reserve
Time: 0930
Trooper Attendance: BobaCanuck 57730, Drone 21783
Support Crew: Meowied_Cass 21578
Details: We all arrived just as they were getting their gazebo set up, we went and met Karl (Richies Father) who was ecstatic that we were there. Usual carpark change shenanigans followed by some photos under the starting line and with the crowd. A great little event, everyone was fantastic and there were plenty of cute puppies to gawk at. Karl said he would love to have us again at their next event.
Injuries/Malfunctions: None
Public Incidents: None
[Image: HRzqlsr.jpeg]
[Image: wJ1hPtg.jpeg]
Best moment was when i got to to hold a puppy for 5 mins! So many adorable pups and dogs there!

Also Boba Fett was Richie's favourite character so Karl was so happy when he saw Boba there!
Oh you guys are legends!!

I hope we can assist with Karl again in the future!
And what a lovely moment to have Boba able to attend

I will say, I'm very jealous to hear of all the cute puppers
Excellent work by all involved.
Great work!
Great work Meowed_Cass, Drone & BobaCanuck! Thank you for making this happen on such short notice, I’m sure it meant a lot to the family!

And thank for making it over to the con afterwards for the double header!

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Awesome work troopers, sounds like you were a real hit.
Is it really your troop if you didn't do the walk in kit!
Nah good work guys. Keep it up!