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Date: 01/05/2022

Venue: Lego Chermside

Time: 10am to 2pm

Mission: Bringing the awesomeness of the Redback Garrison to the store for their new Star Wars launch

Trooper Attendance: Sly                  11469 as a TK (stormtrooper) for the first half
                              Drone             21783 as a TFA Kylo Ren for the first half and as support crew (wrangler) for the second half
                              Zerebin             7253 as a TFA Kylo Ren for the second half
                              Meowied_Cass 21578 as an Offworld Jawa for both halves. 

Details: Sly, Drone and myself were there from 9:30am however we weren't allowed to the change room until 10am, thus making our start to Lego behind schedule, i think we got there around 10:30am. It is roughly a 5 min walk from the change room to the Lego Store.  We found Caleb the Store Manager and introduced ourselves. Troop was simple, stand around inside nearby a display wall they had which was next to the Star Wars merch. We were allowed to walk within the store if we wanted to. Caleb was essentially our wrangler for the first half, helping to take photos. Around 12pm we took our break, Sly needed to depart and Zerebin had arrived. Second half was the same as before. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave  Wavey

The event was really fun. Lots of photos, lots of laughter and a sprinkle of Redback Garrison shenanigans. 

Who would have guessed that the Jawa was the fan favourite as well as the most scary, even some of the adults were scared by the Jawa. 

Thank-you for a wonderful event Troopers! Special mention to Ktty who found out all the info and passed it along  Heart

Charity Funds Raised: N/A

Injuries/Malfunctions: After 9 years some TLC needed for Sly's TK, all very minor though such as missing Velcro here and there.

Public Incidents: NONE! 

Mission Status: Success!! 
                      Kids scared/cried: CHECK
                      Adults scared: CHECK
                      Fun: CHECK
                      Smiles/Laughter: CHECK
                      Called wrong character/costume: CHECK


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[Image: tRPGMn1.jpg]

[Image: tRSoifK.jpg]
Good work troopers
Awesome guy. Great effort!