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Full Version: Brisbane City Hall Family Fun Event (In Concert with the Force)
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Date: Tuesday 3 May 2022

Venue: Brisbane City Hall

Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm

Mission: To bring the Redback awesome.

Trooper Attendance:

Redback Garrison:
Zerebin TFA Kylo Ren.
Dark Dora DZ
bigmac TK
Bally CB
sharpshooter2231 ID
Raptor ROTJ Boba Fett
satel TIE Reserve
RoboTom Wrangle
Fives.for.Fighting ARC Fives
Rebelrach ID
stormraven ID
Sticky Vader

Details: The band of 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery performed a free Star Wars concert at Brisbane City Hall. The concert was introduced by the Lord Mayor, and was livestreamed with a special video message of support from Billy Dee Williams. The Army had two howitzers on display at King George Square supported by gunners with a variety of equipment.

With the Redback flags on display at the City Hall entrance the troopers met up at 5pm and we were led to a green room to kit up. We trooped the vicinity around the entrance from 6pm until the concert started at 7pm, then again for the intermission at 745pm. Armoured characters were supported by face characters and wranglers in the low light and trip- hazards. The public was enthusiastic and many photos were taken.   

The event was a fundraiser for Legacy, who sold merch at the door as well as collecting Paywave donations. Both the gunners out the front and our wranglers carried Legacy buckets which were returned to Legacy unopened and uncounted. I am waiting on a figure the event raised and will append this report when I receive it.

Shout out to the Bandmaster and also the Regiment CO for being good to work with in the planning stages and on the night. Turns out the CO is a huge Star Wars fan, and the driving force to navigate the hurdles to pull this event together. 

Note the name of the event changed during the planning stages. The name in the title ties the event signup sheet with what the event was referred to in later advertising.    

This was a mid-week event at night in the city, and difficult for many people to get to. We needed some numbers to have a presence but also manage the crowd safely at night, so a big thanks to all the troopers and wranglers for turning up. Also special thanks to RoboTom for the photos.

Charity Funds Raised: TBC, waiting on a figure from Legacy.

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil.

Public Incidents: Nil.

Mission Status: Complete Success

Photo: Imgur Album here:

[Image: pqccLaC.jpg]
Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing those clips on our page too.
Congratulations, nice work.
Nice work troopers and I guess those Rebels as well :D
Great work troopers
Great troop.
Any update on how much was raised on the night?
No update sorry, despite multiple requests. Only so many times we can ask.
(Tuesday 19-Jul-2022, 10:31 PM)Teiwaz Wrote: [ -> ]No update sorry, despite multiple requests. Only so many times we can ask.

Totally understand that, thanks anyway!