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Full Version: Lego Dreamworld
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Date - Saturday May 7th

Time - 10am-2pm
          9.30 kit up

Venue - Lego Store Dreamworld

Mission - To bring the Redback AWESOME

Trooper Attendance 
Studio 49
TK Hesh

We got to the Lego Store nice and early to kit up - the manager, and all other staff, were super lovely! 
We were able to walk around the store, the front of the building (but no where on the Dreamworld side) and out back of it where there were a lot of fun lego displays. It unfortunately was a bit of a dreary day so it wasn't super busy, but the few people we did come across adored us! I wrangled for a good portion of the day because whilst Jawa's are cool, there were definitely 'cooler' costumes available and I have a VERY busted up hand. We got to meet a dog, who somehow had its own Instagram and the owner promised to post us for exposure haha. We scared some children but for the most part everyone was pretty excited to see us pop up for the morning. We had free reign of the store pretty much and definitely abused used that to our advantage and took seemingly endless photos and videos! It was honestly just a really fun day - a huge shoutout to the troopers who made it along and went along with almost all of my photo and video ideas.. And to top off a wonderful troop, the manager gifted us all some lego! Please reach out if you didn't receive one on the day if you were at the troop 

Vader didn't want to breath at this event thanks to a bit of an unfortunate battery situation
I believe Revan's belt may have also had a mishap?
Public Incidents
It was an event with Shutter, of course we had fun! 
Lets just leave some memorable quotes instead
"Can I touch your hair please?" - Shutter
"I'll just start an OnlyFans then" - Studio49
"Beep Beep Bitch" - Ktty
Leather Daddy
That $40 hotdog plushie! 

We also had an ACTUAL Vader present, but still had people going up to our lovely TI and asking for photos with 'Vader' - it was very amusing

Mission Status


Apologies on the delay in posting this - I moved house and found out how destroyed my poor hand/wrist is
Not great excuses but no internet and a packed laptop during the move! SORRY TEAM
Great work troopers, we keep busy even if there aren't a lot of people around!

[Image: 52056097916_699579bfd9_b.jpg]
Great troop , good to see Lego events on the calendar, we’ll done everyone.