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Full Version: Sandy Strait State School Family Fun Fair Troop Report
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Date: 28th of October 2023

Venue: Sandy Strait State School

Mission: To represent the Redback Garrison and provide a community presence for photo opportunities at the fun fair

Trooper attendance:

Mitch1 - Officer
Triple9 - Emperor 
Firestorm - Sandtrooper/TIE Fighter Pilot 

Triple9 - Jedi

Details: Troopers arrived and swiftly established a base in unfavourable atmospheric conditions. The winds played havoc with the surrounding citizen stalls and games, though the Empire’s superior engineering held well against the weather and soon had two Ewoks taking shelter with a Gonk droid. The fun fair organisers along with citizens of the Empire were excited to have an Imperial presence protecting the fair as they raised much needed funding for the school and students. A Jedi was detained in the Imperial camp though a Jedi mind trick must have been used on the troopers as the Jedi had escaped before the arrival of the Emperor himself.

Nil to report

Public incidents:
Nil to report

Mission Status: Another successful mission by troopers of the mighty Redback Garrison. Citizens showed much love for Star Wars and the Empire with many photos taken

[Image: 4SmOins.jpg]

[Image: kRVEHEB.jpg]
Sounds like y’all had a fun day!
The school raised $33000 from the family funfair. Well above their target of $20000