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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback DZ-77104 Cueloopz
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Please welcome the newest member to the Redback Garrison Gamorrean Guard DZ-77104 Cueloopz.

Looks fantastic Matt. Can't wait to see you out and about freaking out the norms Smile

Stay on your toes in Jabbas palace and watch out for hungry rancors.

[Image: th_dz77104_full.jpg] [Image: th_dz77104_head.jpg]
Awesome Matt!! Now we have two GG's!!!!! DW2013 has just gotten even more awesome!!
Well done. Think I saw you at nova looked great
great work on a very awesome costume! just dont stand up on stage.
Welcome to the Redbacks Cueloopz, the GG was a great hit today I hope you enjoyed yourself and we get to see both of the the GGs together sometime, maybe te next prop we can do can be Jabbas throneroom or Jabba himself. Lol
Nice looking GG mate.

Hope to see this one soon.
i'm looking forward to seeing you next to Scope's Han in Carbonite
Hey Matt. I have a confession to make. As much as I love my TK and everything TK, as a kid the Gamorrean Guard was my absolute favourite Star Wars character. I had really hoped to have a chance to talk to you today, and was sad that you weren't there. Hopefully we can catch up at DW so I can have a closer look at your costume and get all the details so I can start saving Smile
Hey Matt!
Congrats and so great to meet you and the fam at GCSN. You were a real hit, everyone loved it! Though it was a bit of a squish you fitting in the cardback prop!!
Congrats Matt. Good to see you as a Redback! See you at DW.
Awesome! what a great kit! welcome to the ranks!
I only saw it on the floor, I missed you wearing it. Looks good though!
Nice work Matt, looked awesome on Saturday.
This ...was..... AWESOME SAUCE!