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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback TD-22422 Baytrooper
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Please welcome the newest member to the Redback Garrison TD-22422 Baytrooper.

Sandy looks mighty fine mate, well done.

Now get back on Tatooine and look for those droids.

[Image: th_td22422_full.jpg] [Image: th_td22422_head.jpg]
Go bay trooper well done
Well done, looks even better in real life. Welcome the Legion brother.
Welcome, i remember meeting you early this year and seing you building that TD, wow very impressive, WELL DONE! and Congrats
Congratulations Baytrooper great to see you out trooping this weekend hope we get to see more of you. Now get back on patrol there is a Jawa infestation that needs to be bought under control so go find their sandcrawler.
Hey mate congrats! Was great seeing you in action at Supanova! You're a natural and the armour looks great!
Great to see this approved mate! Great work!
Welcome aboard!

Say, aren't you Toby Ziegler from the West Wing?
Big congrats man. It was great to see at nova! You trooped the hell out of that weekend!
you've done a great job with that kit! Welcome brother!
Well done mate. Hope it all stayed together after trooping in it at Supanova. Thanks for helping Sunday night.
Congrat's Adam, it was great trooping with you over the weekend.
Thank you all for the kind words, help to get me where I am and for being such a Great group of people. I am Very proud to be a part of the Garrison and look forward to Trooping beside you all for many years into the future. Cheers.
Congrats mate, someone needs to update you to a full member!
welcome soldier, now make a steampunk one sir Wink
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