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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-3409 APOK
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Just when you thought it was all over...another Jawa has just popped up....DZ-3409 APOK

Excellent work APOK. R3D5 better watch out.

[Image: th_dz3409_full.jpg] [Image: th_dz3409_head.jpg]
Nice one apok
the only reason you got approved was you had so many droid parts in ya pic... Very Cool man Congrats!
aaaaaaaarrrrgh not another one Yuk

The way these Jawas are breeding they will soon be the biggest clan in the world, or have they already done that?
Yay! Doppeldaumen1
Yep another Jawa to the Phantom Clan, congrats Apok. Now just don't steal you own R2 parts.
Just dont sell any dodgy ones, you mightnt like imperial returns policy lol. Good work man!!!
Nice apok, well done.
They're everywhere! Congrat's mate.
Thats awesome Adam Doppeldaumen1
Nice work Smile
Well done mate.
Welcome brother! Taking over!!!
Jawa? dude, you should be doing a tusken, not no pesky Jawa. :P

Congrates though mate. Wink
Nice work mate, you'll make a great little desert scavenger...
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