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Full Version: Please welcome TK-26976 Duras
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I'm pleased to be able to report, that 26976 Duras has passed training and is now ready for active service.

Fantastic work on the TK Matthew.

There's a problem in Detention Block AA-23 head there now.

[Image: th_tk26976_full.jpg] [Image: th_tk26976_head.jpg]
Wooow... Thanks phantom Smile
and to top of the 9 other approved costumes today, a nice shinny whitey. Sorry i kinda stuffed up the first piece at that AP early this year, ill stick to clones and janitors.

Congrats and well done.
Congratulations Duras the prisoners are escaping jump down that garbage chute and get them.....and dont worry about the smell.
About time! Congrats mate!
@Rach :P

@Beanie no harm done so no worries

Thanks all for the help along the way... particularly a big shout out to Mr. Bids Smile
Nice work buddy Smile
Congrat's Matthew, no worries on the help, looking forward to trooping with you at DW.
Looks good, now you'll have to hang out with me a get a little dirty.
ha its getting enough from all the handling during the build... will be needed a polish soon Smile