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Full Version: Please welcome CB-7384 bigmac
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Please welcome the latest Kaskyyyk trooper CB-7384 bigmac.

Great work Justin, looks fantastic.

[Image: th_cb7384_full.jpg] [Image: th_cb7384_head.jpg]
Nice one mate. Better get mine done now haha.....TB first.
so does he sit up the front of the motocoaster cause he was a clone?

congrats Bigmac, gonna be different to see ya outside of a gunner
Good work man, well done!!!
Nice work mate,

and it's only taken you 4 years to get another costume.Wink

Looks great can't wait to see this at DW.
Great job Bigmac Smile
Nice job big man, looked awesome beside chewie on Sunday too!
I had no idea that was you at Supanova. Sorry mate, well done.
ohhhh that was you in there!!! congratulations!
You looked awesome all weekend!
great work!
(Tuesday 23-Apr-2013, 09:32 AM)Duck Wrote: [ -> ]ohhhh that was you in there!!! congratulations!

I had the same thoughts Duck! Banghead

Congrats Big Mac, great to see something even more different! Jig
i knew who it was... only cos we were at the same residence when I needed help with my costume, bigmac was there also :D
congrats man, I know just how much hard work has been poured into this costume and it's very well deserved Smile
Nice work mate, it looks AWESOME!
nice work!
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