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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback SL-13231stormybrite
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Please welcome the newest member to the Redback Garrison SL-13231 stormybrite.

Great looking Nihilus Montanna. Well done.

Now practise your sithy ways.

[Image: th_sl13231_full.jpg] [Image: th_sl13231_head.jpg]
Woohoo! You go, Stormybrite! Doppeldaumen1
Congrat's, we'll have a whole Imperial House full of Black Curtains at this rate.
Nice to meet to at Dreamworld. Well done.
Was awesome to meet everyone at Dreamworld Smile
congrats on the approval Smile
hey congrats, so how many more joker family members we got left to sign up?
Congratulations! That character scares me! I'll stay away from you when you're kitted up!! LOL
Congratulations to you Tanna, I know Garrett is very Proud...!!!
It looks Great... Wink
Yes, it was a proud brotherly moment to see her kit up, since she had done so much helping us out as a wrangler Smile

Just one more sibling Beanie, she was wrangling for us at DW, so it's looking promising, and my other half has been working on a build for some time now, and it's coming along nicely...
Congrats Montanna - it was great trooping with you at DW. Welcome to the "murder" (or is it choke) of Nihili Cheeky
Welcome to the Garrison, Stormybrite!
Congratulations and welcome to the Redbacks Stormybrite. It was great to troop with you at DW.
congratulations!!!! Was great meeting you at Dreamworld Smile
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