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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-2471 Wolf
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Again with the Jawas another has just popped up....DZ-2471 Wolf

Nice work mate, well done. Clean up those droids and watch out for imperial sandtroopers

[Image: dz2471_full.jpg] [Image: dz2471_head.jpg]
Welcome to our Dirty little Clan... Wink
Well we have an extra excuse now to organise a troop out your way now.
Wolf, great trooping with you at DW, great looking JAWA!
Great job Wolf
Well done Wolf Smile
Do you guys scatter when the light comes on?
Nice job mate!
Welcome jawa brother...!
Welcome back to the orange Wolf
It's an invasion. Lock up your droids!
Nice little desert rat you've got there mate :P

great to see you trooping at DW! congrats!
Looking good Wolf. ..well done.
Cheers to one and all for welcome and kind words was a pretty good feeling beening back at a event again after my longish absence and I am lost for words again .
But was great nay grand to finally place screen names / nicknames to faces and other pple I known only via trading and messages lol
Congrats Wolf Jig