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Full Version: Please welcome SL-5746 Oevil1
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Please welcome our latest Sith Lord Count Dooku also known as Darth Tyranus SL-5746 Oevil1....or some just call him Tim.

Excellent work Tim. Keep leading the Separatists extend the clone wars.

[Image: sl5746_full.jpg] [Image: sl5746_head.jpg]
Nice one Mate, Really Good work on That Mask & Make-up... Wink Cheeky
So glad you caved in to peer pressure to do this costume, it is just awesome, I saw several kids (and adults) at DW do a double take when they saw you.
awesome work brother
RIGHT... if i see you in my REX i will SHOOT!


When im in my Emperor you will be my little B.... brilliant Sith.

nice work, even i have to double look to make sure its not a 90 year old dude!
Looks terrific Tim and the dancing Dooku was such a hit at Dreamworld too!
well done Disco Dooku Smile was a great hit with kids and adults alike
Thanks to everyone for your support on many levels...I am proud to be a Redback. I was amazed with the response at DW...hence Dooku shall return. But all the credit must go to Mammasith for her expert sewing skills! Doppeldaumen1 All I did was stop shaving and turn grey Lol LOVE YOU LITTLE SISTER!
O you devil...1 and only best looking Dooku's in the country. Well done!
Oh yeah! You rock it! Peace And great job Mammasith. Notworthy
We all know under that dour exterior lurkes a good guy! Well done the costume and look are wonderful, as is the costuming, great family effort!
Well done!
Great work Tim now you really look like the Oevil1.
Blows my mind every time I see you in this costume, awesome work Smile
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