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Full Version: Please welcome TB-3409 APOK
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Please welcome our latest tree dodger TB-3409 APOK.

Nice work on the armour Adam, looks great. Try and bring the speeder back in one piece.

[Image: tb3409_full.jpg] [Image: tb3409_head.jpg]
Well done Adam... You have done an Outstanding job on that Armour... Especially with the Blaster and those Boots... Wink

Love Ya work mate... Keep it up... Smile
Congrat's dude.
great job mate, how did you have time between R2D2 and the DW troop and the .............. you know
How did you find the time???
I'm pretty sure I did see you in it at DW and I thought to myself "That can't be APOK he doesn't have a biker scout?"
Apparently he does, well done.
congrats finally!

great trooping with you on the TB Ride.
Fantastic job!
Looks great! Congrats!
Well done brother !
They are going to have to add more carriages to the motocoaster next year!
Nice work Dude!
Congrats! Doppeldaumen1
Another Tree Hugger let off the leash onto the forest moon of Endor, congrats mate.Smile
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