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Full Version: Please welcome TB-50168 Azrael
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Please welcome our newest speed freak TB-50168 Azrael

Nice work Wayne. Keep an eye out for those drop bears, they can be tricky little buggers.

[Image: tb50168_full.jpg] [Image: tb50168_head.jpg]
great work mate
and you finally got it all together. ohh it was fun working with you on the TB run!!
Awesome job Azrael, your TB looks great!
You're slowly catching up to Beanie...and I love what you've done with your hair!Peace
On your speeder bike and watch out for those dam trees and pesky Ewoks.
Congrats mate! White suits you!!!
Congratulations Azrael.
Well done mate
Beware of cuddly toys with rocks and sticks! (oh and trees)

nice work mate, is that 3 approved costumes now?
Congrats. Watch out for those trees, pesky rebels & ewoks & you should be right Smile .
Yay...finally Smile
Congratulations. .. am so proud of You. ..Peace