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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-4056 stormraven
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Please welcome to the Redbacks considered to be the "greatest spy in Mos Eisley spaceport" Garindan DZ-4056 stormraven.

Nice work Bryan. Now what bay is the Millennium Falcon in again.....

[Image: dz4056_full.jpg] [Image: dz4056_head.jpg]
Congrat's mate.
Why the long face?
Congratz mate Smile
wicked mate, an awesome costume
Remind me not to discuss any Rebel business near you.
Well done.
Have you got a press button set up to make the noise?
wow how cool is that!

very awesome work there, congrats
You look a bit Down-in-the-Mouth mate... Cheer up Bryan, you've done a great job... Wink
Awesome Smile
Well done Bryan Smile Looking awesome Smile
Very cool, congrats!

I love this costume
Long time coming and worth the wait mate. Awesome!!!
Finally, congrats my brother! Well done, but I don't want to be anywhere near you if you get a cold.....
Very cool Smile
Yay! You finally got there.

Looks great! Jig
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